thinking [said I am] Thursday

I am a lot of things.
I have a lot of bad qualities.
I am impatient, insecure.
I am a worrier and maybe a bit pessimistic.
I am stubborn.
I can’t name all the bad qualities – I just don’t have the time.

I have a few good qualities.
I am funny.
I am loyal.
I love fiercely.
I am honest.

There is one quality that I really despise in a human.
I hate it.
This quality – I have always taken pride in not having.
Going so far as to say, ‘I may be all those things, but at least I’m not that one.’
Until now.

So I wonder:
If you don’t feel you are something, but someone says you are…
Does it make it so?
Does their perception of you mean that you are the thing you so detest?
If people see you in a certain light, even if you think they are wrong, isn’t it a failure on your part?


So maybe I am this thing I hate.
I try not to be a hypocrite, so if I am what they say I am…
I guess I hate myself, too.

Not all truths are good.
Not all honesty is freeing.

Silence is golden.


Happy Thursday…

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