maybe a light

Maybe there’s a light at the end of this tunnel. Found this today…


Who cares about victorious!? I’ll just be happy to be out of one of the mazes my life has become! Then I’ll be able to move onto the next… One trouble at a time, right?


I’m so tired of all of this, all of these topsy-turvy, unsettled things. Sometimes I want to throw in the towel. Hard. But most days, I just suck it up (or cry it out), and keep working.


Blessings and good things abound. I haven’t forgotten all that is happy and right! This too shall pass.


Sir’s got me, so I’ve got this. All of it. Even on the worst days, somewhere inside me I know… Everything will be just fine.



3 thoughts on “maybe a light

  1. Oh lovely Darling … I know too … at the end of the day … it will all work its way right … but do so wish it would bloody well hurry up.


  2. Oh honey! You aren’t alone. Not having to travel the maze anymore can be so intimidating cause you’re so used to running around and the calm is a bit off. I am going through the same thing. But you’re last pic is so true, it’s all gonna be alright!


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