thinking [kitten] thursday

For many years, Sir has said I behave just like a cat.
Affection freely offered, I push away.
If I’m ignored, I beg for attention.
It’s a funny joke.
Until it isn’t.

The walks on the leash.
The sitting pretty.
The paws up.
The purring.
The bowl, once.


No, those things aren’t so funny.
True, I usually start off giggling, but then…
It’s strangely erotic.
I sink into it.
While I never think myself an actual cat,
I do become His kitten.
I am His property.
I am His pet.
I am His to own, to praise, to play with, to punish.

Some things cannot possibly be known until you are in the thick of it –
When the reality erases any doubt and surpasses every dream, then you know.

It may be all that I know, but of this I am certain:

I am His sub, His little light, His kitten.

And that’s just purrrrrrfect with me! (Giggles)

Happy Thursday!


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