stress + me


You’re a bitch, Stress.

I’ve been researching.
Buying and selling a house is, by all accounts, one of the most stressful events in a person’s life.
Always listed in the top 5.
Usually in the top 3.
And multiple sources claim it is more stressful than a breakup.

Now imagine that stress… For over a year.
Hi. That’s me!
But the really high stress has been the past few months.

On top of carrying two houses, let’s throw some more things into the stress clusterfuck, just for giggles! Like…

Appliances that need replaced, rooms that rain inside (this home is brand new, folks!), emails to almost-adult daughter’s counselor and principals, meetings and ambushes by said administration, the boy’s new devastating migraines, the middle daughter’s thirteen-year-old-ness, moving two kids to a new school district mid-year, self imposed guilt for quitting a job, a mom schedule that makes any other job pretty far fetched, legs bitten by ants, a truck needing replaced, Christmas, no real internet, no real television, no real people to talk to, braces to be had, wisdom teeth to be pulled, eye exams to be scheduled, classes to get out of, my clumsy hurt dad… I could keep going…but my water is getting cold so I’ll stop.

Everyday I wonder, how will I get through this bout of crushing stress and worry? And then I saw this:


Yes, I’ll just keep breathing, I suppose. I cannot recall a time in all of my 38 years that I’ve felt so stressed, so overwhelmed, so incapable. Oh it could always be worse! I know that all too well. But I also know that…


Therefore I keep repeating to myself…


And it will. Everything passes, moves right on along. I’m going to move along, too, singing all the while.

And of course there’s always the fact that Sir loves me no matter what because…


Thank God for Him. I’m sure He’s tired of holding me up and keeping me together. (Though, I don’t think He minds doling out the regular beatings.)

Happy Tuesday. Tomorrow I’ll be bringing the D/s back.

11 thoughts on “stress + me

      • I LOVE D/s. I mean REALLY LOVE IT. However, it’s not everything. It is a HUGE part of my life, but just a part. We have to learn to balance everything. Sometimes the D/s is everything and sometimes it is almost nothing. It’s always there, just in different amounts. Life still continues on. I sure hope yours settles down a little for you. If it doesn’t for a while, just hold on and enjoy the ride. 🙂

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  1. i agree – it helps to know that others are also not living an erotic novel 🙂
    Do you think your D/s helped in coping at least some what?


  2. I completely understand how sucky stress is and being sick and tired of it. We watched a TED Talk a few months the back by Kelly McGonigal, a Psychologist from Stanford, about how to handle stress and it really inspired us and has helped tremendously. Here’so a link to an article written about her research and you can Google her TED Talk. Hope it helps.


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