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I generally don’t link to articles in my posts, but I read this one on a low day (the kind where I questioned my entire worth) and it made me really think. I love things that make me think, even if I don’t necessarily agree with everything word.

The author says-
True love, however, isn’t an emotion. It isn’t a way of feeling. It’s a way of living.

Well. Interesting isn’t it? Feelings come and go…happy, sad, scared, angry… But true love? That remains despite all the feelings. So then…? Hmmmmm…

Here’s the link, the article isn’t terribly long – I’d love to discuss with someone!

Sir is a way of life, every feeling, my whole world…He is true love.

Happy Wednesday!


15 thoughts on “food for thought…love

  1. i met Mr F five years ago. from the moment i met Him – …. was it true love – an absolute YES…. i cannot speak for Him, but for me…

    we did not start as Master and slave – but as hard and fast lovers. The evening i met Him – He came for a drink in my flat – we talked and laughed … – me shly and He – with confidence i have rarely seen. By the end of the evening, i told Him that no matter what – when ever He needed me – i would be there – no questions – no judging. If He wanted to talk, we would talk, if He didnt – we would not.

    The only thing that has changed in the five years – is 15 months ago – He became my Master … and i became His slave – it just sort of happened – it felt as natural as breathing…


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    • I saw my Sir for the first time sleeping! I was 16 or 17 and I knew He was something special… We would speak and interact within our group… And then at 19, He walked into a restaurant – I was there celebrating a mutual friend’s birthday – and I kid you not, all the restaurant din faded out and I heard a voice (my subconscious?) say “it’s now or never”… And we have been together ever since. I loved Him from the first moment. Madly. I still am madly in love with Him… Nearly 19 years later. I guess about three years ago we shifted to D/s. So… I also know that true love can exist from jump… But I think to maintain, it has to adaptive and actively maintained… We have grown SO much over the years…always together, never have we grown apart.


      • i am not an envious or jealous creature – but… to know that i shall not have the time you have spent with yours…. that is sad. Mr F does not want children – He does however want to foster. i have my own child – she is 15. They both know about each other -(poppy know that my heart belongs to Him) and have met once. But since it has always just been my daughter and i – i have made the decision that until she leaves home – Mr F and i cannot be as open as we’d like. But… it does mean that W/e both have time… time to get to know each other – time that belongs just to U/s. Once p leaves home – next year for the Navy, then ….

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  2. oh – i could not agree more – true love can be met within a heart beat – and it so does need nurturing. we as humble humans adapt and change all the time – it is how we adapt and change that counts – if one is to keep true love – for it is a precious gift – we must work together – our hearts and minds joined. listening and seeing each other for what and who we are … not to judge but to hold and cherish x


  3. …. Mr F has been with me for most of my life – but only as a shadow … in my day to day head… i never thought i would ever meet Him – i thought that i would never deserve such a creature…. but deep deep in my heart – i knew that one day, i would finally be in my shadows arms.

    What was very strange was from the moment i met Him, i never dreamt of my shadow man again.


  4. Finally had the time to read and chew on it! I agree! I actually believe it’s a way of living and a choice – to actively invest in this feeling and way of living, every day. To develop and evolve in this most intimate of human connections, to constantly want to know this other person and meet their needs.

    It’s a way of living. It’s a choice. And it’s the best one I ever made, 22 years ago, and every day since.


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