kind or out of mind

New rule:
You cannot be my friend if you are an asshole to waitstaff or cashiers.

If your cashier tells you to have a nice day or some such pleasantry, you should respond in kind.
I don’t really care if you’re having a bad day.
I don’t really care if you are shy.
I don’t really care if you’ve lost your voice.

You say “thank you”.
You say “you, too”.
You smile.
You mouth the words.

When you order your food, you say please.
You say thank you when it is served.
Even at fast food joints.
If your server is polite and pleasant, you need to be the same!

In fact, you can definitely be my friend if you take the kind route even when the service is less than stellar. Even if you must speak to a manager, you can be kind whilst airing your grievances.

My Sir is the master of such behavior. He has taught me much.
Even when my world is falling apart around me, if I’m good enough to leave the house, I can damn well be kind wherever I go.
You can, too.

So… if you are ever with me, and you are a jerk to anyone for no reason, if you don’t say thank you to kind words from strangers, if you treat workers like slaves, I will be done with you then and there.

From now on.
Friend Rule #1

Happy, happy Friday! Three day weekend starts soon!!


9 thoughts on “kind or out of mind

  1. … I even say thank you to bus drivers when getting of – and always acknowledge people who cross the street infront of my car – and when walking on a zebra crossing – always wave and smile and mouth thank you…. and now my daughter always does too…

    manners maketh man – it costs nothing and a lite smile and a thank you can really heal another’s day … may I be your friend z

    oh … and if I say something mean in my head … I always always always …. say sorry … in my head … I try always to only have good thoughts. but forgive me when it comes to traffic wardens … they are like broccoli … No Good …


    • That’s fantastic! You may definitely be my friend. πŸ™‚ I am pretty shy…keep to myself…and with recent friend troubles, a bit off & wary. But! I am kind to all manner of people/workers. I always say please and thank you and respond to questions. Though I can definitely handle my own when people are rude to me! πŸ˜‰ My children are kind also… And now they notice when their friends are not! It bugs my oldest so much when people are rude to waitstaff. At least I’ve done that small thing right.
      In the solace of my car, I do have choice words for bad drivers, though!

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  2. I’m with you on this one, sis. I actually have pretty much the same rule! No matter what is going on in my life, that person deserves the courtesy of a smile and proper manners. Plus, there is nothing like looking in the eyes of the grumpy drive thru attendant, while smiling and telling them to have a nice day, and having them smile back. When you can give someone else a smile, that’s one of the best mood boosters in the world!

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