just a little rant…

Every time I think… Oh I’ll write something about D/s or fucking or the lovely new paddle I burned for Sir… Some bullshit gets in the way.

Today it is my offspring.
More specifically, a few bad choices by one of my children.
Choices that may impact her for a while to come.

I’m pissed off and frustrated.
I have no friend to talk to anymore.
Oh I had lunch with a friend today, but I wouldn’t talk about this sort of thing with her.
I need a friend with an open mind, that will not judge me or my daughter.
Sir and I have discussed this, but on few occasions, there is nothing like a mother to commiserate with.
Sir is a lot of things, including a great father, but a mother he is not.
I need a mom friend.
One that’s not judge-y.
One that can understand when I say I want to beat my child’s ass, or that I want to run away from being a mom – that I’m just venting, and wouldn’t do those things.
A friend that can give me frank opinions and help me brainstorm ideas.
One that can be pissed off right along with me, but still recognize that my child is a lovely person despite some stupid actions.
A friend that understands the tears of a mother.
Does anyone like that even exist, I wonder?!

This is total crap.
I am so glad it is Friday, though.

Juicier posts coming soon…


10 thoughts on “just a little rant…

  1. You need a mom support network for sure. I’m a father and can attest to not having the same relationship with my kids as my wife does… so I’m not as good of a support for her as another mom is. Real life mom chats might be the most cathartic for you, if you can find another mom to open up with.

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  2. I do not know the exact nature of your pain, but I too am going through mom hell with my almost 19 year old. She is our only, and I love her dearly, but she is irresponsible and unthinking. She is spoiled (my fault) and acts like a child. I have cried buckets of tears and lost more sleep than I can count. I am here for you and I sympathize. Big hugs to you.


    • The child I speak of is my 18 year old. She is very intelligent and kind, but holy hell she has made some terrible, irresponsible, ignorant choices. All of that on top of extremely bad “friend” drama this year. Sigh. Big hugs to you, too.

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