thinking [backdoor] thursday

You guys! It is Thursday! This week has been ass-centric…

Sharkweek around here has brought about a lot of shower sexytime. I love shower play. The steam, the water, the slippery soap, the washing of the bodies…mmmm. The candlelight seems to bring out the dirtiest truths.
The other night in our big, new, tiled shower Sir made me turn away from Him.

Turn around, I want to play with your asshole.”

Now, I’m no prude…and I have loved ass play since, well… from the get go. However, sometimes much of the time words make me blush and brings out the painfully shy in me. I’d never been embarrassed of my affinity for anal, until a nameless former friend made a comment about it, and I developed a bit of a hangup. I’m working on it.

So, Sir says this and of course I turn – He is the boss, after all – but I giggle, and I half-heartedly murmur words of protest. It’s one thing to play there, it is a completely different thing to talk about it! Geez! While I am slightly embarrassed, I’m also extremely turned on. His words are hot and sexy and we both know I love this, even if I struggle with it sometimes.
I want it, I don’t, I do…
As His finger begins to circle, to tease and play with my most vulnerable spot, He says…

This asshole is mine and you will give it to me whenever I want.”

I am fairly certain I replied with a husky whisper: “Fuck. Yes, Sir.”
This girl is happiest being owned and I’m lost in those words.
Many more Yes Sirs and repeating His declarations back to Him, and teasing, and playing, all whilst narrating His fingers’ exploration – so deliciously naughty and consuming.
I can come from that stimulation alone, and of course I did.

This night he didn’t fuck my ass but he fucked my pussy hard, and rough, and urgently, continuing to play with and finger my ass. Sending me into the abyss.
It was gritty, primal sex.
He demanded total control over all parts of me.
He fucked me out of my own head.
He used that which is His.
He owns me, every nook and cranny.
*happy sigh*

24/7 D/s is absolutely not all fucking and kink, but it is that, too.
Primal, stripped down versions of ourselves, in all aspects.
It’s not always easy, but it is a damn good life.
Happy Thursday!

4 thoughts on “thinking [backdoor] thursday

  1. I’m glad you are getting over the embarrassed, shy but about anal. It took me a while to even admit how much I loved it, then to speak openly and unabashedly about it. Now….I regularly send him notes at work referring to it, lol. It’s a favorite here, too.

    Love the post! I could see you smiling.💜

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    • It’s so funny…I initiated anal when we first got together, 19 years ago, and never had an issue. But one comment from someone – something I’m sure was just offhand with no judgement behind it, sent me into a world of embarrassment & shame. Butt! Lol… I’m getting over it… I do love it, but the words. I still struggle with all the words.
      I’m glad you admit that you like it, and the notes!! I must work on my shy – I want to send notes about that!!


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