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For the third year in a row, we shall go to the beach!
For the first year of those three, Sir and I will go alone – we will not be meeting anyone there. That’s a little bittersweet, but not the subject of this post. (I can almost hear your sighs of relief!)

It overwhelms me to plan trips. I am such a bargain shopper and want the most bang for my buck in my everyday life, but even more so with trips!
I look at ALL the flights, ALL the hotels, ALL the cars.
I read ALL of the reviews.
I write everything down in notebooks.
It’s quite the process and I might have a little problem, but that’s okay – it’s low on my problem scale!
So the past few days, this is what I’ve doing… interwebbing and jotting and comparing and plotting.

Since the kids won’t be going with us (can I get a HELL YEAH and a HALLELUJAH?!), I don’t particularly want to stay in a place with lots of kids.
I love children, I work with children, children are great – but not for my ultra D/s vacation. (I have just dubbed it that)

So! I google “adult hotel Florida”.
Ummmm… maybe you see where this is going… I didn’t…at all.
What I got was one adult-only hotel and multiple “clothing optional” hotels.
Hahaha! Snort!
I giggled so hard – not what I was looking for!
I like to be nekkid, don’t get me wrong, but my delicate white self, naked in the harsh sun, in public, in the sand?! No. I’ve had sand in my nooks and crannies – it is neither sexy nor pleasant.

As I laughed, alone in the house, I saw that the reviews on one resort are off the charts! Of course I click and read, and they are hysterical. Talk of views and parties, comfort and camaraderie, shenanigans and schlongs.

I read about ten reviews, then moved on. No time for all that because the work that goes into planning a five day trip is astronomical. I think I found a place to stay and an airline to get us there. I should book it all on Tuesday.
I am so excited that Sir and I will be on the beach, on my birthday, in a little over two months!! Squeeeeeeee!!

Oh, I almost forgot the point… the moral of this silly tale…

Be careful what you google.

Happy Friday!
Happy weekend!
Happy April 1st!



14 thoughts on “vacation, google, random info

  1. OMG to even imagine WHO might be going to clothing op resorts is mind boggling! I shudder to think. I do hope you both have a simply wonderful time! We love the beach (go to Maui nearly every year) but I have never been to FL aside from a week at Disney.

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    • I just can’t help but think about the chairs (look, I don’t know how others feel about hygiene… but… no!). I’ve never been to Maui, would love to go. We’re going to an area in FL we’ve never been before, though!


  2. There are a number of clothing optional resorts in the FL area we live in. Years ago I worked for a couple that lived in one. There used to be a topless beach as well but sadly the state took it over and now it is just a normal sun spot.

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  3. you beautiful human being, you made me laugh out loud! i shall be careful what i google for when i plan my childfree vacation with my Sir/husband. thank you.

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