the 5th response

I always send my posts to Sir after I post them. Not before, usually, because I need my thoughts to be mine in this place. (He is so logical and I cannot have that sort of distraction on my blog! Ha!).
So I sent my earlier post, the 5th,to Him and He replied…

... I’m so glad that you appreciate the things I do for you, but know that I don’t just do them for you. I do them for me as well, as selfish as that may be, I enjoy it.

I think that’s a really big concept!
He is the Boss. He can have me do anything, at anytime, and I will obey.
But He enjoys our brushing time!
He doesn’t do it simply because I enjoy it, or think I need it, or any of that.
He doesn’t do it because He feels obligated.
He doesn’t think of it as a chore.
He does things because HE wants to.
Even when it may look like He is spoiling me, or not being a big, bad Dom, He is in control. Always.
Sir does what He wants.

And knowing that makes the brushing and all of the sweet, loving things He does, so much more.
This thing we have is real and it is so insanely good!!

I am such a lucky girl. ❤


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