technical mistakes

A quick little post to remind people of the temperamental nature of technology.

Emails you thought had sent, really important emails explaining a password change, can be hiding in the drafts folder because you are in the country and service is spotty. You may not notice this for three months, at which time, it is far too late.

Things you thought were password protected, may actually be public. Some apps act up and say one thing, but getting on an actual computer tells a whole different story. Again, by the time it is found and corrected, it is far too late.

Bigtime oops! I know everything happens for a reason – I believe it to my core – but for technical difficulties and probably user error to play a role – well that is the balls. I know it is too late at this point, but damn.

So just be careful out there.
Technology is a wonderful thing, but can also cause a lot of headache and heartache (you could ask my daughter too, she knows all too well).




5 thoughts on “technical mistakes

  1. It never hurts to always double check yourself when it comes to doing techy things. Always follow up later to make sure. As one who works with tech it is always better to be safe then sorry.


  2. Technology also increases the vocabulary of cursing words and an a nearly obsessive compulsive habit of double checking, that’s in my case. Love technology though, it’s a part of daily live and i like it when my oldest son explains the latest techy news to me.

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    • I love technology, too! But I had gotten pretty lax about about checking that what needed to happen actually happened. Because of that, I probably caused some unnecessary crapola…ugh. entirely too late, but lesson learned.
      Also. I find it hysterical when my baby (he is ten) instructs me on technology! I’m like dude, I am not that old! But I guess I am. 😉


      • I think that’s the way it is😉. I am 36 and I’ve got three boys at the age of 12, 11 and 5. When it comes to technology by big two make me feel like a dinosaur🤔


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