purple flowers


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I am not tulip –
Purple and so fleeting
I’m the naughty kitten
Eager for your greeting.

I am not goodness
Forever on full shine
I’m the dark undertones
Revealed over time.

I am not lavender –
Fragrant and so healing
I’m a Venus fly trap
Carnivorous, concealing.

I am not a role model
Walking paths so true
I’m a cautionary tale
Beaten black and blue.

I am not lilac –
Delicate and sweet
Neither am I excrement
To be scraped off the feet.

So it seems that I have a series of flower poems. More like one long poem, broken into more. It is spring after all – my silly poems are blooming. 😉


4 thoughts on “purple flowers

  1. Your flower poems are lovely and refreshing, perfect for spring. We’ve got glory-of-the-snow blue in our garden. They were growing there even in cold, snowy February. I love the flowers and the smells that spring brings. Thank you for the lovely poem.


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