down, not out

I am a little down this day and, as usual, have found some solace in music. As of late, I am on a big Twenty One Pilots kick, so they are on repeat until I learn all of the words, because that is just how I roll. And since I like to share the things that I love, I am sharing four of their songs, off of four different albums. They all resonate with me, for one reason or another. Click the song name to read the lyrics, if you’d like. Happy Wednesday. =)



Oh, Ms. Believer

The Run and Go

Not Today



12 thoughts on “down, not out

  1. I confess to knowing little about music … except for my favourites of course …

    love this … will have to listen to more x thank you lovely one x

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      • lead the way my friend…. i love songs that make my heart race. when i was a kid – i used to love sad songs – id lie on my bed and weep …. i could be very melodramatic… now … i still like sad songs but songs that i can turn up loud and sing to in the car… i shall post a few – i wonder if you’d approve….


  2. Oh wow, what beautiful songs! Not long ago you posted “trouble” from “cage the elephant” and it is on my playlist ever since. This is what’s going to happen with these songs from “twenty one pilots”. For today “not today” will be on repeat in my house. Really nice selection. ❤️

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    • Oh Yay! ‘Not Today’ is so catchy and fun to belt out in the car! 🙂
      My song posts never get much attention, which I totally understand, but it makes me happy to share if even one person likes the music. 🙂


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