be something

Be careful who you turn to
When you sink into the pit
Be careful whose advice you heed
When it all turns right to shit

Be mindful of the people
That encourage all your dread
Be mindful when no one tells you
Perhaps it’s all in your head

Be cautious of the words
Used to fuel your fire
Be cautious of the hatred
Thrown down from the choir

Be selective when you’re choosing
Those to hold your thoughts
Be selective in believing
Their lies and tangled knots

Be open when you notice
Maybe you were wrong
Be open to understanding
The roads are very long

Be sorry when you’ve hurt
Those that loved your soul
Be sorry that you took no time
Before dealing the final blow

Be humble when you recognize
The fault is all in you
Be humble and apologize
Because the fault is in me, too.


5 thoughts on “be something

  1. I love this one! Vulnerability, hurting loved ones, apologies, moving on with new boundaries. All these things are human nature. I’m a hopeless hopeful and always believe in a positive outcome.

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