nothing everything

Unsure and wary.
Words censored.
Feelings swallowed.
Memories unacceptable.



Open and free.
Complete honesty.
Biding my time.
Bleeding my heart.



Up and down.
Yes and no.
The lock and the key.
The end and the restart.


10 thoughts on “nothing everything

  1. “Say it before you run out of time. Say it before it’s too late…” i’ll keep that in mind when the words i want to say are screaming in my head but don’t find their way out of my mouth.
    Another lovely post, thank you so much.

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  2. When I read this, I asked M if I talk a lot. Because it often feels like I do (our perceptions are often much different, aren’t they?). He said….you have a lot to say, and that’s different than talking a lot.

    Anyway, I have a lot to say, lol. I’m not one to hold back, and that has caused me great difficulty. I struggle with knowing when I should or shouldn’t.

    When t comes to my own feelings, the times I truly have trouble are ones when o feel shame. That runs deep, and is so fragile and vulnerable. But I always just say it, with M at least, and more often in general. It takes its power away, by calling it what it is, I think.

    I’m happy you’re in a good place. And I guess that was a long winded way of saying I understand the love/hate thing with communication. 💜

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    • I’ve asked my Husband if I talk too much and His response is always “well no because you don’t talk JUST to talk”. I have such a dichotomy when it comes to talking, to the general public, I’m quiet (hello, shygirl is fitting!) But to those close to me, to my heart, I have the worst time of knowing when to hold back my words, good and bad. I’m working on a post that explores this a bit more because recent changes/developments (good ones!) have really brought issue to the forefront. I have feelings darn it, and I want to share them! But is there a line?! ACK.
      Anyway, I love your comment and always, your input! I totally get the shame thing – and perhaps that has something to do with my love/hate with communication.
      Thanks, Kay. You always make me think! 🙂

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      • Can’t wait to read it! I’m very similar, in that with those I’m close or the ones I love, I talk and talk. I’m often at odds with when to say things, not if, necessarily. Meaning….us it too soon? Will I scare them away? Things like that. I’m the one who will say what others won’t. I appreciate that in return as well! Some people don’t.
        Thank you! You make me think, too.

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      • Yes! I’ve said almost the exact same about the when and the scaring away in the post today! WP is acting up, though. I appreciate when others can say the things, too, but it’s not all that common.

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