I am saying things I always say.
I am…
A broken record, begging for the needle to be picked up.
A groove worn so deep in the ground, hot liquid will erupt soon.
A needy bee, buzzing around, searching for a place to land.
A relentless wave, eroding every piece of earth it touches.
A favorite tee-shirt, now threadbare and full of holes.
A busted knee that refuses to heal, because the scabs always get scratched away.
An open faucet, spilling into a sink that cannot drain quite fast enough.
A knock-knock joke about a banana, never getting to the orange.
A hall of mirrors, repetitive and disorienting
An echo, infinitely repeating, until the sound is simply background noise.
I am saying things I always say.
I am…


2 thoughts on “silence!

  1. Your description is so vivid, Shy. I’m familiar with the feeling, I believe, and even the silence in some ways. In my history, it’s sometimes because I fear the other’s reaction. I fear rejection and abandonment. I fear being burdensome. I even fear my own voice. Anyway, I empathize, and I hope you can articulate what you feel and what you need. It matters. šŸ’œ


  2. This is written with such vibrance, Shy.
    I empathize since I’m all too familiar with the feeling.
    “A needy bee, buzzing around, looking for a place to land.” I think that’s me.

    Lots of love to you, Shy šŸā¤ļø


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