His control

Take what is yours,
Leave me a shell.
But give me a choice-
My personal hell.
No need to wonder,
No need to ask.
Demand. I’ll respond,
Completing your task.
Ravish my soul,
My mind cannot stray.
Use what you own,
So I can obey.
No lapses in time,
No pause, nor a break.
Control must be steady,
To become what you make.

This was a task from Sir. It wasn’t intended to be posted, but I asked permission because this is the easiest place for me to document my thoughts and feelings.


1 thought on “His control

  1. I love this! It describes so well what the D/s dynamic is all about. It’s so wonderfully written from a submissives point of view. I can absolutely relate to this post. 💜


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