thinking [break things] thursday

We broke another implement the other night. I’m not sure why this keeps happening, but my goodness, we have broken so many things – spoons, boards, yard sticks, crops, loopy things, brushes…

It’s pretty amusing, but I’m beginning to wonder…

Is Sir far too unrelenting in His swing? (No way!)

Or am I too much of a hard-ass?  (Hahahaha!)

All jokes aside, today would be a good day to break all the things! Wink, nudge, pretty please.

Happiest of Thursdays! (Only because it’s almost coffee time)



Some days, I think I am an alien. Okay, not like a FOR REAL outer space alien, but I just feel so different. 

My thoughts don’t seem to align with those I am around. My feelings are met with confusion and dismay, leading me to believe that they just aren’t valid. My words… oh, my words… either fall on deaf ears or become so jumbled up, that silence is my best option. An alien, out of my element. 

Other days, I’m alright and get along just fine in this world.

Today, I’m an alien.