thinking [life] thursday


Life is hard.
Life is really fucking hard.

Marriage is hard.
Parenting is hard.
Work is hard.
Money is hard.
Communication is hard.
Silence is hard.
Chores are hard.
Friendship is hard.
Feelings are super fucking hard.
Letting go is hard.
Letting IN is hard.
Change is hard.
Status Quo is hard.
Love is hard.
Caring is hard.
Trying is hard.
Giving up is hard.
D/s is hard.
Disagreements are hard.
Wanting is hard.
Houses are hard.
Sleeping is hard.
Smiling is hard.
Crying is hard.
Thinking is hard.
Uncertainty is hard.
Realization is hard.
Growing is hard.
All of it is hard.
Life is so fucking hard.


I know life is full of lovely things, full of wonderful things, full of beautiful moments, full of laughter, full of love, full of all the warm and fuzzies. I know first hand how awesome life is and I am beyond grateful for it. Truly, I am. Knowing that beauty doesn’t exempt me from knowing the flipside of that truth, though…

Life is hard.

Happy Thursday.





6 thoughts on “thinking [life] thursday

  1. Sometimes it really is hard. I went through difficult times with my Husband, financial worries did put a strain on family life and our relationship. We pulled together though and through hard work got this awesome life we’re living now. Knowing the flipside of our awesome life has made me extremely grateful and empathetic towards people who go through hardship.
    Beautiful post💚

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks!
      The hard work, the hard times… Totally worth it! Just…whew!… Some days/weeks/months really take their toll. (also my oldest, though 18, just very recently started driving… That is an entirely new anxiety added to the mix!)


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