… in summary

Today, I’ve started six posts on this app, and another four in a notebook. In case you’re as tired as I am, that equals TEN posts. Nothing is fully fleshed because my mind is spinning, so much to say, but unable to focus on any one thing. I need to get it out, but wonder if this is the place. 

I’m not even sure what this blog has become. I started it as a place to find camaraderie as Sir and I delved into the depths of 24/7 D/s; a journal of sorts, especially when I needed to work through the bumps in the road. It seemed an effective form of therapy when life threw too much at me. 

I’ve shared bits and pieces, silly fluff that made me smile, but I have also bared my entire soul.

I’ve detailed my flaws and my fears, but still tried to chronicle a whole lot of love and so many blessings. 

I’ve written in-depth about submission and what that means to me.

I’ve mentioned my family, and cried about the heart breaking trials that motherhood brings.

At times, this blog was my only friend aside from Sir.

I’ve posted detailed, intimate sex stories and revealing photos of myself.

I have made many a list and shared music that is dear to my heart.

I’ve broken down, gone overboard, fallen apart, and put myself back together.

I have deleted entries and made others private.

I’ve started sharing poetry, after decades of keeping it all to myself.

Ive taken so many breaks, extended leaves of absence.

…it all seems so disjointed, unthematic, a barely controlled chaos. A heated mess. Yet, there are people that continue to follow me and interact in the kindest of ways. There are plenty more that have jumped ship – I wonder about them from time to time.

So now, three years in the making, what exactly is this blog of mine about? Submission? Yes! Love? Yes. Sex, lists, words? Yes. My whole life? Yes, that too. Mostly though, I’d have to say this blog is about truth. My truth. Every single post is honest, real, ME – good, bad, and most definitely the ugly. 

I saw a prompt that asked “Where are you most you?” That is the easiest answer, I am most me when I am with Sir. There is no pretending or hiding with Him, not anymore. Aside from Him, though, I am most me on this blog. It may not always be concise (okay, never!), organized, or presented well, but this is me. 

Thanks for sticking around. Thanks for reading. You know me better then most.

Happy Monday!

12 thoughts on “… in summary

  1. happy tears i ❀ this!
    It is your safe space it should be you.
    i think sometimes we want to share with someone other than our D but have no one in real life that would accept or be non-judgemental. I like reading your posts. πŸ™‚

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  2. I’m honored to be here. I believe we’ve been around here for about the same amount of time. Evolution is inevitable….desirable! I’m happy to be a part of yours. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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  3. I came across your blog when I started my D/s journey with my Husband/Sir and ever since I love your posts. It’s not just the posts about D/s I like, it’s also the posts about motherhood, love and life that make me think and laugh and sometimes bring tears to my eyes.
    Apart from Sir I don’t have anyone around me who would understand D/s and not judge, so your blog let’s me know that everything is fine with me and it really is ok to be a submissive woman. I could go on for a while how your posts have helped me but my job is waiting for meπŸ˜‰
    Thank you very much for sharing parts of your life on this blog, I truly enjoy reading your posts πŸ’œ

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  4. The blog can be anything. That’s the beauty — anything. It’s your ride and if others come on it. Great. If not, so be it. I’ve found it very interesting to see my readership shift and change as their lives change (and mine does, too). Interesting.

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