thinking [princess/property] thursday

He makes me feel like a princess, and like His property. 

If you ask me, I am no princess and I’m certainly not worthy of Sir’s admiration. He seems to think I hung the moon. He puts my happiness far ahead of His own… No… That’s not it… It feels like my happiness IS His happiness. He tries His hardest to give me all the things that would make me happy. Boots? Don’t worry, just buy them. Vacation? He’ll make it happen. Quit my meager job? No problem! He’ll pick up the slack. Extra loving? Done. Shoulder to cry on? Bring it. Listen to me on repeat? Patience and love is abundant. Whatever it is, big or small, He bends over backwards to do everything in His power to make sure I’m happy. I can’t dwell on it too often, because I’m soooo undeserving, but I know He loves me and would do anything for me. 

But you see, I love Him just the same.

He is no pushover, though! He may treat me like a princess, but He is well aware of my flaws and shortcomings. He never holds them against me, but He does help me face them, grow and overcome. His steadfast rules and firm hand (and spoon and belt and whip and…) keep me in line. He keeps me safe. He owns me. I am His property. 

I may be His prized possession, but be clear… I. Am. His. I aim to please Him. I want Him to be proud of me. I try to make sure He has what He needs and wants from me, from life.  That is what I am here for. Sure, that drive is part of my submission, but it’s also a part of marriage, of love. 

Everything is intertwined. Inseparable. The love, the D/s, the marriage, the life… It is all one. 

I am tickled pink to be His princess (no! He doesn’t call me this!) and His property all wrapped up in a somewhat stubborn, bratty package. It’s the best of everything and I will be thankful for Him every second of my life.

Happy Thursday!


14 thoughts on “thinking [princess/property] thursday

  1. Beautiful. I hope someday you recognize that you are worthy of his admiration as much as he is of yours. I took me a while to learn this lesson for myself. I, too, am so grateful to belong to my Sir and that he belongs to me.

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  2. We are all working toward becoming who β€œhe” wants us to be. That work is hard combined with responsibilities of everyday life. You both seem fortunate to have foubd each other. My D/s marriage is similar however i cherish my work plus we have children.
    I look forward to reading more from you.

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