happy day


This makes me giggle.

My Sir/Husband is an amazing father – the hellions and I are blessed beyond measure. ❤

Happy Father’s Day!



…she falls flat…

This isn’t what she envisioned.
Nothing ever is.
Her mind writes the script
Of secrets never uttered.
Maybe a hint,
A subtle suggestion,
Flirting eyes here and there.
Trying and failing at every turn.
Eventually, she caves.
Veiled words fall from her mouth
Onto ears that will not hear,
Crashing instead on the ground.
Mocking. Teasing. Tortured.
Muted once again,
Embarrassed and ashamed,
Until her soul is safely tucked away.
Denied reciprocity –
Feelings, damn them,
Such an outdated currency.
Nothing more to discuss.
Resurrection, her foolish hope.
Knocked off the pedestal of the past,
Moving on, through new days,
Only skimming the surface,
Intentionally aloof.


Thinking [boob time] Thursday


It’s been a long time coming, only a week in the works… I got new boobs today!


I was determined that it’d be a simple, easy recovery from the get go. I may be shy, but I’m also pretty tough… with a high pain tolerance level.

No. Wrong. Looks like I’m a baby.

High hopes fell by the wayside almost immediately.I’m drugged up and in pain. I look like a Lego body under this big ol’ shirt (I don’t dare take a peek) and moving a pillow takes entirely too long. My chest has apparently been run over by a dump truck, and I think they put bricks in there instead of silicon.

Despite all that… I can’t wait to see my real boobs! Because as far as I’m concerned, my sad, deflated tits (thanks, kids!) were the fake ones.

I’m so very grateful to my Sir for making this happen for me and to my little bird for being by my side, despite this intolerable distance.


Happy Thursday, folks! It’s time for my ten minute nap.

~ shygirl 💕