let it be over

Fear, a sneaky bastard
infiltrating every thought
sapping joy, it shows no mercy
overtaken, ready or not.

Fear, a hellish meal
push that plate away
stomp, scream, shore up your mind
overcome, this cannot stay

Fear, the grandest canyon
peace on the other side
jump on off, open the chute
over it, you’ll meet life



love, everything

Some want a love

Calm and steady

Like a babbling brook

Others prefer a love

Harsh and frenzied

Like a storm out at sea

I ache for His love

Steady, harsh, calm and frenzied

Like waves beating, lapping a rocky shore


love 1-7-1


Doesn’t exist

Without you here.

Love can be tricky

With sorrow and thick gloom,

But the joy and the light

Dominate my soul, my heart so full

I could fly away or combust.

Adoration and trust, humbly smitten

My life, now yours.

Without you here

Nothing exists.