thinking [jump] thursday

When Sir says jump, I don’t ask how high…

I jump.

Most of the time. 😉

It wasn’t always that way.
I like to know the why, the motivation.
I like to push boundaries and stretch the rules.
I’m not a very trusting person.
I’m very wary of people’s motives.

So in my old life, if anyone (including my Husband) told me to jump, I’d not only have a million questions, but I would usually sit down in defiance.

That response has served me well, and continues to, out in the big, bad world.

But with Sir?
I have dropped all pretense.
I do not need to hide anything.
He loves me and always has my best interest at heart.
I trust Him with all of everything.
He is my home.
He’s got this.

When Sir says jump…

I jump.

Happiest of Thursdays!