Thinking [pivotal] Thursday

There are those times in life that are truly pivotal moments.  They can be rare, with years in between, or you can have many of those moments in a relatively short period of time.  That moment you realize you want to spend your life with someone.  The birth of a child.  The total shifting of the dynamic in your relationship. The click in your brain when you drop all pretense and let the world see who you really are…

Okay, maybe you don’t let the world see, but you let your Husband/Sir see.  No holds barred.  No stone unturned.  Kind of a ‘This is ME, take me or… well… please just take me’ moment.  I had one of those, which has led to days of amazement and near-euphoria.

I am flat-out stunned, and happy, and over-the-moon!  So much so, that I cannot think straight.  With all of my heart, I want to capture how I’m feeling and get it on the page.  But no matter how many times I try, the words just won’t come and I get very sidetracked.  It’s a great problem to have. 😉

I will say this, though:  I cannot stop smiling. There is no room for anything but happy!  My Sir constantly surpasses my wildest dreams.  I was once worried I would get bored, but after 17 years, I can assure you – there is NOT A CHANCE of that happening!  We have already had such a great life together and I know, without a doubt, it will only get better.  Happy – what a great place to be!

How could you possibly NOT be happy after listening to that?!  That is officially my morning theme song.
Hope everyone has a Happy Thursday, Happy Weekend, Happy Life!