thinking [bead advice] thursday

When on a quest for the holy grail that is anal beads, there are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Seams are NOT good. Oh sure, to the finger it feels like only a slight disturbance, a barely noticeable line. However, stick those suckers where the sun don’t shine and that little seam feels like a hacksaw. I’m into pain, but not like that!

2. Rigidity between the beads. Too hard and you’d be better off using a fun dildo. Too stretchy, and you will probably just obsessively worry it’s going to snap! 

3. Size does matter. I like some graduation in my beads. Or even all the same decent size would work, too. But jumping around willy nilly, from marble to ping pong ball size, makes too little sense for me to even enjoy. 

4. It all gets very slippery. Trying to hold on to, and insert, a slippery ball can be an adventure all its own! Be prepared for laughter and slipping.

5. Numbers. Just because there are eight beads on the strand, does not mean all eight need to go up your ass. Maybe you like a just few, or six… Whatever your number, it’s fine! Go with what feels good.

6. Relax. As always with anything anal, nothing is going to make a pleasant journey inside if you are tense. Chill out (and a little pushing out helps too).

I’m still on the prowl for my ideal beads, but with each set purchased, we get a little closer to finding them! I’ve been doing anal for a few decades and sometimes things just don’t work – plugs, beads, toys, dicks – can all be a test of patience and extensive trial and error. What fun it is to experiment! Around here, we call that science! 

Happy Thursday!

For science!