never stop learning: 8 things

I have taken a little break from writing on here because… well, really just because I’ve been quite distracted!  Despite those distractions, or maybe because of them, I’ve learned a few things as of late.  Thought I’d share:

1.  When your cheeks get hot (on your face, people!), they turn red. This is called blushing.  The discovery that you blush a lot is shocking because up until this point, you thought you had some sort of control over this reaction.  You do not.

2.  If you open up a can of worms, be prepared for those worms to become the topic of conversation at any given time.  It could be at breakfast, a family birthday party, or frequently, on the sofa while playing video games.  Talking about these worms will probably make you giggle and blush (see above) – and give you more than a few pants problems.

3.  Riding indoors on a bike trainer makes the business region go a little numb, followed by pins and needles – which might possibly be a tad enjoyable.

4.  Taking naked photos is a great motivator when you just don’t want to do all those damn crunches and squats!!

5.  Being comfortable in your own skin, with the body that you have (even for just a few stolen moments here and there) is weird… and tear-provoking… and just a really nice way to feel.  I envy those that feel that way most of the time.

6.  It IS entirely possible to be horny 24/7, for weeks at a time, no matter how much sex you have.

7.  When you want to write, but cannot find the words, lists work wonders.  Write what you know.

8.  Happiness begets happiness.  Seriously.  Happy thoughts make happy subs make happy Doms make happy children make happy homes make happy days make happy lives.




I’ve been sad this week and my sweet Husband has made it His mission to take my mind off of the ache in my heart.  If only He could stay home and distract me all day!

Methods of distraction…

The slapper crop. If you do not have one, I highly suggest you go order one now. Like, right now. Stop reading immediately and head over to Amazon.  This thing is really lovely. I was this close to having an orgasm from the crop alone. He had a great stinging (but not hurting) rhythm going…until He realized I was about to go over and gave me two hard whacks on the back of each thigh. Those hurt! No complaints here, but they brought back into the moment and out of my impending orgasm. Distraction method number one: spankings and sex…works every time.

Talking. Him sitting on the sofa, my head in His lap while he strokes my hair, my neck, my arm. For an hour, He asked me “have you ever…” questions. I’m sure this sounds ridiculous, or boring, but it wasn’t at all. His questions ranged from silly things like “have you ever eaten a bug?” to “have you ever liked being spanked?” to very tough things like “has a man ever hit you?”. Some questions I tried not to answer, but He wasn’t having it. We have been together for sixteen years, married almost 15, and sometimes it seems we’ve told all our stories. Well, we haven’t and it made my heart happy to laugh and feel embarrassed and divulge secrets. Distraction method number two: giggles, communication and probing…delightful!

Food and drink. I love food!! I enjoy tastes and textures and savoring something delicious. So much…it’s a wonder I’m thin! (not really, I exercise and do yoga and don’t eat crap!) But still. I love food and there is no food I love more than anything my Husband makes. So, He feeds me and makes me drinks and I forget about the sad for a bit. Distraction method three: keeping my mouth busy…oh, this certainly has a double meaning!

My minions distract me, too, of course…but this post isn’t about them. This is about my Husband, my Sir, and the fact that He is my rock and always takes care of me and knows just what I need. His love frees me.