down, not out

I am a little down this day and, as usual, have found some solace in music. As of late, I am on a big Twenty One Pilots kick, so they are on repeat until I learn all of the words, because that is just how I roll. And since I like to share the things that I love, I am sharing four of their songs, off of four different albums. They all resonate with me, for one reason or another. Click the song name to read the lyrics, if you’d like. Happy Wednesday. =)



Oh, Ms. Believer

The Run and Go

Not Today


Need a lift


Yes. That.

I embrace the idea of that… “if you say you will, be sure you do”…”your word is your bond”… Follow-through.

Follow-through is a bitch. It is devastating when it doesn’t happen from Sir…but at the same time, my follow-through can be somewhat lacking.

Having a bit of a downer day. I’m trying to pull out of it. My allergies are horrible, the medicine makes me feel worse (though I do stop sneezing), and quite frankly, I feel like crap. My head is all swimmy. I have no direction from Sir – He is busy and hasn’t been in contact much. I have zero motivation to do anything.

My chores (what else could I call them?) have all been half done… Washed the dishes, but the dishwasher isn’t unloaded. Did laundry, but it isn’t put away. Purchased groceries, but the bathroom stuff is just on the floor. Weights and bands are ready for me, but working out hasn’t happened.

I’m not feeling very…subby. I’m actually feeling pretty bitchy and aggro.  I want to argue and fight.  I want to yell. I’d sort of like to throw things.

It’s bad. I know it. I hate it.

Maybe I need… A drink. A bath. A beating. A laugh. A good night’s sleep. An orgasm, or seven. A plate of sushi. A hug. A list. A…

I just need something.