she wears eyeliner

She puts on her eyeliner like she’s going to war.
Lines, blacker than black, to fortify her resolve.
One look at the finished product, and you know where she stands-
The thicker the line, the more frightened the girl.
Lately she is afraid.
Always ready for battle, with thick black lines, slightly winged…
As if to say she’s got this, but could fly away at any moment.
Her eyes sometimes betray her fear.
But her eyeliner is solid and true: unchanged by oceans of tears, holding fast…
Those perfect lines are not her crutch.
Instead, they are her vitamins.
Eyeliner certainly doesn’t make the girl, but for this girl…
Eyeliner gives her strength.
It is her armor and her battle cry.




oh today, good riddance

Today has been a day. Not the worst day, but definitely not a good day. Sharkbrain is in full effect and I’m running on pure emotion (and caffeine). All I want is for the rain to…


far, far away to…


But I am going to need a few things.

First up…


…because even all alone, black eyeliner makes me happy.

Second…coffee! An unlimited supply of coffee, with cream and sugar of course!  You should know by now…


Last, but certainly not least… island nights call for plenty of rum!! You know, to make me forget I’m on a damn island, all alone, and with no Super Target in sight.


I’m not on an island, but I’ve got these three things in abundance…and love. I have crazy amounts of love. That’ll do, Donkey, that’ll do. 😉

Happy weekend! Bottoms up (in every possible way)!!