Thinking [sing-along] Thursday

I am working on me today…this week… this month… this year… this lifetime.  I’ve droned on and on about my poor self esteem here and now is the time to really get to work.  I can’t promise to never bring it up again, but for now, I’m done with it.

So, how about this instead:  I love music.  Not a day goes by that I don’t listen to music and sing right along with it…quite loudly.  Music makes me happy and never fails to make me feel better when my day is less than stellar.  I especially like music that makes me want to rally the troops and say “f#ck the haters!”, which is precisely the reason I’ll always be a punk rock girl at heart (as you see, though, my tastes are varied).

Join me in this sing-along and have a happy Thursday!


The song I currently sing in the shower:

One of my favorite songs EVER:

I feel this way in regard my daughters, now I am trying to feel this way about myself:

This one doesn’t have a video… but is absolutely worth listening to: