My favorite number and things that make me happy, other than sex or people ūüôā 

  1. Coffee
  2. Black eyeliner
  3. Bubble baths
  4. Showers
  5. Clean, crunchy sheets
  6. Hairbrushing
  7. Halo
  8. Bruises
  9. Written words
  10. Cats
  11. Chips & salsa
  12. Coloring
  13. Dancing
  14. Writing
  15. Learning
  16. Pictures
  17. Guitar
  18. Jack&coke
  19. Punk shows
  20. Funny movies
  21. Destiny
  22. Hand rubs
  23. Noodle
  24. Rope
  25. singing
  26. Laughing
  27. Camels
  28. Crab
  29. Home
  30. Mine
  31. Vanilla
  32. Candles
  33. Pens
  34. Pitchers
  35. Toys
  36. Faeries
  37. Pillow
  38. Obey
  39. Spoons
  40. Wood burning
  41. Walks
  42. Driving
  43. Sand
  44. Hotels
  45. Sleep
  46. Cuffs
  47. Markers
  48. Glitter
  49. Sore muscles
  50. Praise
  51. Plaid
  52. Tattoos
  53. Hair dye
  54. Gears
  55. Cards
  56. Leash
  57. Cream cheese icing
  58. Nail polish
  59. Skirts with pockets
  60. Slip on Vans
  61. Leather
  62. Hands
  63. Flashcards
  64. Notebooks
  65. Bargains
  66. Amazon
  67. Music
  68. Lists

Happy, happy Tuesday!!


big pimpin…

Back in April, Sir and I¬†wanted a spreader bar, but He wasn’t thrilled with anything we found.¬† So He made one, then a few more… which led to opening an Etsy shop.¬†¬†They are pretty badass, if I do say so myself.¬† Cold, hard, unyielding stainless steel…


Recently we have added what we are calling CandyBars to the shop. 36 inches of stainless steel powder coated in your choice of four colors.

candybars¬†Of course we needed to have one of our own… for market research!¬†Between my two bars, I’m a happy girl. The CandyBar is perhaps my favorite because it is not¬†quite as cold as the uncoated bar. I’m still searching and the the quality ofour bars is far superior to anything we’ve run across.¬† The cost is fairly competitive considering how expensive stainless steel is. And all of the hardware is stainless… moisture is NOT a problem!

Anyway… ’tis the season of giving and all so I am offering all of my readers 20% off the CandyBars. Follow the link, or click on a picture, and use coupon code 20OFFCANDYBAR (expires 12-08).

Feel free to ask any questions.

Happy December!

thinking [ Sir ] Thursday

There are days that I am overcome with emotion.¬† The days where Sir cannot get home fast enough.¬† The days where I am lost by myself, or maybe in myself.¬† When those days arrive, I am all but powerless to them.¬† Today is one of those days. So, though this is not a typical Thursday post,¬†it is what I’m thinking about – My Sir, and all that he is and does for me.

He grounds me, yet helps me fly.

He pushes me, yet holds me close.

He guides me, yet lets me wander.

He undoes me, yet keeps me together.

He overwhelms me, yet calms my soul.

He takes my breath away, yet gives me air.

He owns me, yet sets me free.

My Husband, My Love, My Sir…


Happy Thursday!  ~shygirl