thinking [struggle] thursday


We all struggle. 

Your struggle may look different than mine, feel more important, BE bigger.

I know, things could be worse – things can ALWAYS be worse. 

But y’all! I am struggling right now!

I feel like I am on an island of struggle. 

I know if I could just jump off and swim to shore, I could find a little peace. 

But I am paralyzed, I am stuck… And I am so damn tired. 

I’m not looking for sympathy from you fine people. 

No, I just want to say: 

If you are struggling right now, with anything – You are not alone. 

We may be in different worlds, with different problems, but we all know the struggle. That fact must mean I’m not alone, either! That’s a little beacon of hope, right? Maybe..  collectively, separately… we’ve got this?!

I’m going with “hell yes” and sending mad props to Sir for helping me hold my head up.

Happy Thursday! 



alphabet, twisted

I walked by the bar, on my way to clean the kitchen, and saw this:


If that doesn’t sum up how I’m feeling, I don’t know what would. You see, I like my alphabet in order. I like to rearrange the letters to make words, but there is still an order to that. When the letters get all piled up, jumbled, and twisted around, I falter. I question. I worry. My life feels like these letters right now… A few key ones are holding steady but many others have gone all cattywampus. I just need to figure out how straighten it all up.


Just. Yes. Completely this.