“Bend over the bed, hands on your head.  Don’t move.”

She complied with a quick “Yes, Sir” and assumed the position.  Those simple words instantly made her wet, wanting.  She heard Him pick up His belt, not knowing if the strikes would land easy or hard.  She did not wait long to find out – that first blow was tame, the next had a bit more heat, and the third made her sink to the floor and cry out. He helped her up and pushed her back into position.

“I said don’t move.”

He struck her seven more times, no rhythm, intensity varied, kept her off kilter.  This was punishment.  She tried so hard not to move, but her arms had a mind of their own and He repeatedly had to remind her of her place. After all ten strikes were dealt, he reached between her legs and found her very wet.  She pushed back, trying to his fingers inside of her, on her clit, anything! She was so close to orgasm and could think of nothing else. He was totally in control, removed his hand and stepped away. He ordered her to go get ready for bed.

She was completely shocked – He always let her come, had never denied her an orgasm. She very softly said “yes, Sir” and went into the bathroom, her girl parts throbbed and dripped.  She got ready for bed.

When she stepped out of the bathroom, it was pitch black and she could see nothing.  From somewhere in the darkness He told her to take off her clothes.  She stripped quickly and waited for His next command.  She was a little nervous – she had no idea where He stood. After probably a full minute in silence, He reached out and grabbed a fist full of her hair and pushed her to the floor.


She knelt but forgot her manners. He forced her chin up with his fingers.

“What do you say to me?”

She was already becoming lost in the bliss and had to think hard. Oh.

“Yes, Sir.”

“That’s right. Now suck my dick.”

“Yes, Sir!”

She sucked and licked and gagged and sucked some more. He was the best thing she had ever had in her mouth and she could only think about pleasing Him.  She could not get enough.  She was so wet and ready, she became worried that she’d come right then. No chance. He took His dick away and stepped back.  She was lost in the darkness, overcome by lust and wasn’t sure where He’d gone.

“Bend over the bed, hands on your head, like before.  Do.Not.Move.”

“Yes, sir.”

She did as told. He kicked her legs open wider, put his hand on her wet pussy, grunted with pleasure, then picked up the belt. He gave her blow after blow, rubbed her sex in between each strike. She had no clue how many were given – some hurt like hell, but she remained still and wanted more. She was going to come. He sensed this and stopped everything. Again. She was dangling off the edge of release, needing to come so bad.  She started to get up – she wanted to get this show on the road.

“Did I say you could move?”

“No, Sir.”

“Then Do.Not.Move.”

That drove her higher and she whimpered, not sure how much more she could take of this denial. She couldn’t feel Him near her and wondered where He was.  Out of nowhere, His tongue found her pussy and His fingers started pumping inside her. When a finger found her back entrance, she panted that she was going to come.

“Do it.”

She came hard, so hard she shook, but it still wasn’t enough.

“Roll over.”

“yes, Sir.”

She rolled onto her back, sideways on the bed, ready for anything and everything. He again had gone silent and backed away.  She panted and waited and ached for Him. Finally, He grabbed her breast – He had made it around the bed and stood by her head. He climbed onto the bed, covered his body with His own. 69. Yes. As He bit and licked and sucked her pussy, she started to lick and suck his cock. Obviously, that wasn’t what He had in mind. He started pumping His cock into her mouth. He fucked her face, fucked her throat really, and she had never felt so sexy in all her life. He continued to fuck her throat, she gagged a few times, but was so far gone she wasn’t even embarrassed.  Her work over the past few months in the art of deep-throating had paid off. As He fucked her face, He worked on her pussy and asshole.  She came twice but still was not sated. She needed His cock and He knew it.  He rolled off of her and flipped her over.

“Do you want this dick?”

“Yes, Sir”

“Beg me for it.”

She begged and He gave her mercy.  He took her hard from behind.  He pulled her hair and choked her.  She came.  He pinched and yanked on her nipples.  She came.  He rammed two fingers into her ass.  She came.  He grabbed her hips roughly and pumped into her a few more times.  This time they both came.  Two sweaty bodies collapsed onto the bed, tangled in each other.  He sweetly, gently kissed her neck and back.


“Yes, Sir. Yours. Always.”