not the crazy


I don’t eat fortune cookies, though I do love the fortunes! I tore this one as I pulled it out, and was rather pleased with what it said.

Feeling triumphant and more than a little justified… I held it up for Sir to read, with a smug smile on my face.

“Seeeeeeeeeeee….” I said, so happy that the fortune cookie gods were on my page! (Sometimes a girl takes any validation she can get.)

Sir shook His head (hmpf!) and chuckled…

“Intuition, yes. Not the crazy stuff you make up in your head.”

I laughed. The kids laughed. It was pretty funny! It was also a little deflating, I must say. You see… I am a huge believer in gut instincts. There were a few major times in my younger life when I ignored those instincts and it turned out so badly. I learned my lesson the hardest of ways!!


And so it goes that ever since they were little, I have hammered into the children to take heed… If a little voice or a nagging feeling says something isn’t right, please listen your intuition!! So I fully believe in, support, and applaud intuition.


But… Sir is also correct. Sort of. In my brain, there is non-stop thinking and worrying, dissecting and over-analyzing. I admit that on occasion (oh stop laughing!), I am consumed with it all. The worst case scenario is usually my sleep stealer or my dream invader. I linger on words and on silence, blowing them up bigger than life.


So what then? What do I do? I try to balance the intuition with the runaway brain. It’s not always easy…or even possible… but I do try.

And I still wholeheartedly believe in the ability to…


If anyone has thoughts on this, lay ’em on me!
Happy Monday…at least it’s winding down.