…and she qualifies!

qualify:  make (a statement or assertion) less absolute; add reservations to.

I qualify most everything.  Seriously, almost every decent thing I say about myself is accompanied with fine print.  A little something like this:

“Here’s a photo – ignore my __________ (insert issue of the hour).”

“Great photo!!!  Too bad I’m in it.”

“I love this product, but I’m odd so….”

“I wrote this, but please skip over any errors, I was [tired, distracted, busy].”

“I like playing _______, sorry I suck.”

“Oh, you enjoyed dinner?  I’m glad because I messed up __________ .”

When I notice this happening multiple times each day, I become a little sick with myself… and quite a bit sad, too.  Not to even mention how annoying this must be to those around me.  ACK!  I try to rein it in, but I just cannot accept a compliment without trying to disprove it.  I also do not like the idea of anyone thinking I am bragging or LOOKING for a compliment.  *shudder*

I’ve been doing this for as long as I can remember, but only recently has it begun to bother me. Only since the implementation of a D/s dynamic has it even crossed my mind that all this qualifying might not be a good thing.  So, why do I do it?  I suppose it all boils down to self-esteem.  Mine has always been pretty low.

Even though…

My Husband has always tried His best to help boost my esteem, but since adding Sir to His list of titles, the efforts have been more…serious, demanding, forceful.  I’d like to think I’ve gotten some bit better.  I, at least, have moments where I feel pretty good about me.

And then there’s the fact that these last few months, my sweet, sexy Cailin has seen so much of me and has told me many of the same things my Sir has been saying for 17 years.  [I need to just pause this post for a moment to let that sentence resonate.  It’s mind-blowingly big!]  So, truly, I should be cured, right?  I have confidence now, my self-esteem is no longer warped, and I don’t feel compelled to qualify everything, right?!


Now… mostly… I just think TWO people are crazy or blind!  😉  kidding.  My self esteem is a bit better – or is that my will power?  I try to ignore the bitch in my head constantly criticizing my thighs, my face, my voice, my self. Some days I do a GREAT job, other days she just yells too loudly.  I think the good days are beginning to outnumber the critical days, but I still cannot get away from qualifying everything.


Using qualifiers and disclaimers is maybe one of the last walls I have left standing.  It is a nice protective shell around my feelings.  Because… if I point out my obvious flaws (whether they are there or not is a post unto itself) before others have a chance to… NO ONE CAN HURT ME!  TaDaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

Since this whole D/s thing entered my life, I have been knocking down walls left and right – some happily and some with many tears.  I have opened up in ways I never thought possible.  I have grown as a better wife, submissive, mom… hell, I’m a much better person than I was this time last year. My Sir has ALWAYS been my world and we have had such a happy, sex-filled, wonderful life together – D/s has just made everything brighter and much more focused.  We are home.

I still have quite a bit of fine-tuning to do – lots of things to work on!  But if you aren’t learning, you aren’t living so I’m happy to keep laboring away.  So!  Today is the day that I will try to stop qualifying my words, thoughts, pictures, life.  Maybe it will be okay – from time to time – for the people in my life to know I’m actually NOT horrible at everything, that my thighs are NOT as big as a cow’s, and that the food I make is sometimes really good.

Happy Saturday, Happy Weekend, Happy Life!


This post was originally intended to be a Thursday post, but it was more exploratory than I realized and I’ve worked through some things while writing it. I think an under-the-radar slide into Saturday is the better way to go.

never stop learning: 8 things

I have taken a little break from writing on here because… well, really just because I’ve been quite distracted!  Despite those distractions, or maybe because of them, I’ve learned a few things as of late.  Thought I’d share:

1.  When your cheeks get hot (on your face, people!), they turn red. This is called blushing.  The discovery that you blush a lot is shocking because up until this point, you thought you had some sort of control over this reaction.  You do not.

2.  If you open up a can of worms, be prepared for those worms to become the topic of conversation at any given time.  It could be at breakfast, a family birthday party, or frequently, on the sofa while playing video games.  Talking about these worms will probably make you giggle and blush (see above) – and give you more than a few pants problems.

3.  Riding indoors on a bike trainer makes the business region go a little numb, followed by pins and needles – which might possibly be a tad enjoyable.

4.  Taking naked photos is a great motivator when you just don’t want to do all those damn crunches and squats!!

5.  Being comfortable in your own skin, with the body that you have (even for just a few stolen moments here and there) is weird… and tear-provoking… and just a really nice way to feel.  I envy those that feel that way most of the time.

6.  It IS entirely possible to be horny 24/7, for weeks at a time, no matter how much sex you have.

7.  When you want to write, but cannot find the words, lists work wonders.  Write what you know.

8.  Happiness begets happiness.  Seriously.  Happy thoughts make happy subs make happy Doms make happy children make happy homes make happy days make happy lives.



and sometimes not…

Most times,


Most times,


Most times,


Most times,


Most times,


And sometimes,



Learning to be okay with the nots, the bumps, the detours, the life. 

Learning to not take everything personally.

Learning sometimes things just are not about me and I cannot fix them. 

Learning to be at peace even when turmoil is closing in. 

Learning to just let it go and let it be. 

Learning – trying- to quiet my mind. 

Learning that running is not the way.

Learning to stand tall and face the storm head-on.

Learning to say good-bye to people that only take, people that have become toxic to my soul.

It is a solitary lesson and makes me lonely… until I look at my family and my Sir and I know I have all that I need.