My favorite number and things that make me happy, other than sex or people 🙂 

  1. Coffee
  2. Black eyeliner
  3. Bubble baths
  4. Showers
  5. Clean, crunchy sheets
  6. Hairbrushing
  7. Halo
  8. Bruises
  9. Written words
  10. Cats
  11. Chips & salsa
  12. Coloring
  13. Dancing
  14. Writing
  15. Learning
  16. Pictures
  17. Guitar
  18. Jack&coke
  19. Punk shows
  20. Funny movies
  21. Destiny
  22. Hand rubs
  23. Noodle
  24. Rope
  25. singing
  26. Laughing
  27. Camels
  28. Crab
  29. Home
  30. Mine
  31. Vanilla
  32. Candles
  33. Pens
  34. Pitchers
  35. Toys
  36. Faeries
  37. Pillow
  38. Obey
  39. Spoons
  40. Wood burning
  41. Walks
  42. Driving
  43. Sand
  44. Hotels
  45. Sleep
  46. Cuffs
  47. Markers
  48. Glitter
  49. Sore muscles
  50. Praise
  51. Plaid
  52. Tattoos
  53. Hair dye
  54. Gears
  55. Cards
  56. Leash
  57. Cream cheese icing
  58. Nail polish
  59. Skirts with pockets
  60. Slip on Vans
  61. Leather
  62. Hands
  63. Flashcards
  64. Notebooks
  65. Bargains
  66. Amazon
  67. Music
  68. Lists

Happy, happy Tuesday!!


thinking [runneth over] thursday

Driving home yesterday, I narrowly avoided getting into a horrible wreck. I was cruising along at 45mph, the two-lane road clear and easy, a rarity really. I was singing and thinking about my daughter’s latest predicament and the state of my heart. Thinking, but watchful.
All of a sudden, a white car is double-crossing in front of me (obviously without right-of-way) and I just knew I would hit them. I was fast, they were slow, there was nowhere to go. I honked and braced for impact while crushing the brakes and swerving onto the sloped gravel and grass shoulder, saying the quickest of prayers. It happened in a blink but in that moment I knew if I slammed that passenger door, someone would die. So I reacted on instinct. I avoided a horrific collision, but I was some shaken – and I hurt my back and shoulder. A small price to pay for avoiding a huge catastrophe.

I continued to drive home, singing, shaking but steady on the wheel. And I thought about really big things. I wondered what are the big things to me.  There are very few. My Sir/Husband. My children. The eight in my tiny extended family. That’s it. Beyond that, everything is small time. Not much, but so big, and I think that is a really good thing, actually.

So then I started thinking, well if those are the big things, what are the small things that make me happy, that really fill my cup. And I’m not even kidding, but the first thing that came to mind in that moment was lists! Lol. Since the beginning of this blog, I’ve done lists – I love them so! I got slightly derailed for a bit there, but I think it is time for a Thursday List!
With that long intro out of the way, here’s a list of little things that fill my proverbial cup (which could also be called shy’s favorite things):

1. Coffee. Hot and soothing. Cold and energizing. Either way, I’m totally down!

2. A good laugh. I’m talking laughing that comes from a place deep inside, bringing the tears.

3. Bubble baths. Some years ago, my mom got me hooked on Lush products and I also love Deep Steep bubble bath. Sinking into the scalding water with a good book, surrounded by delicious aromas is nothing short of blissful! (BTW. Lush has this unicorn horn looking, lavender smelling bubble bar that has a beautiful purple goo hiding in the middle! Try one!)

4. Music. Music has always been the best of friends to me and I love sharing it with those around me. The bank account doesn’t exactly love my music obsession, but Amazon sure does, and a girl needs to rock out and sing!

5. Books. Big books, little books. Happy books, sad books. Scary books, fluffy books. Sexy books, dirty books. I like books. Same with the bank account/Amazon on this, too!

6. Pens/pencils/paper. Office stores are a candyland! I enjoy the physical act of writing and new instruments to write with and paper for the lists… well… I’m easy to shop for!

7. Candles. All of the candles.

8. Obey. The brand. Sir has been buying me these clothes for many years. The company actually stands against the man, if you will, so it’s a bit tongue in cheek. But when my tops say obey… I just cannot help but think of Sir and my place. My collection is a bit excessive at this point.

9. Fairies, gnomes, camels. Inside, outside… I love them all over.

10. Patterns. Yep, you read correctly. Stripes, polka dots, checkerboard, plaid, silver glitter, skullies… they all lighten my heart.

11. Butterflies landing on me. I’m pretty sure that’s good luck. 😉

12. Panties. Two drawers full. I’m never in them for long, but they sure are pretty.

13. Clearance. Y’all, I love a great deal. Music and books aside, I am a very price-conscious shopper. My belly physically hurts if I spend $200 on groceries (which is silly as there are five of us). Finding bargains is like a game to me… one that I usually win!

14. Video games. Silly, fun, competitive, time with Sir… bring it on.

15. Girly things. Makeup, nail polish, face masks (that should really be it’s own category), laser, hair dye.

16. Flip flops and skirts. They really puts spring in my step! It’ll be 85 here today, so I’m going to skirt it up! Woohoo!

17. Tattoos. I have a lot. No, I’m not done. I could talk tattoos for days. I could get tattooed at any given moment.

18. Sex. Well… because… sex.

19. Pain. Took me a while to admit it, and I still might, on occasion, sort of downplay exactly how much I love it, but… pain takes away pain, takes me out of my head, makes things clear, and wraps me in a warm blanket of raw love.

20. Coffee. Oh, did I already say that? It  is well worth repeating. 🙂

***** I totally forgot one of my most favorite things! Socks! Fun socks are the best thing ever! I don’t believe in plain white socks. 😉 I mean, I know they exist, but never in my world!

May all of our cups runneth over!
Happy sunny and warm Thursday!!