D/s, love… just little things


Oh, I know… groan, eye roll, grumble, grumble… but I believe with all my heart that it’s true: The little things really ARE the big things. 

Don’t misunderstand! I LOVE the big things. The grand gestures are fantastic! Big things are fun! Extensive scenes are exciting! Everyone likes the show from time to time. Yes, big things are great, but they are not what makes a life. Big things do not maintain, they are just the bonus. Because (follow me a second, here):

Love is the biggest thing of all, yet love is found in the smallest of things.


I feel much the same about our D/s dynamic. In this house love is so intertwined with D/s, we can no longer separate the two…so of course I feel the same about them both! Duh! The big productions are fun and lovely and highly anticipated. But the core, the foundation, the meat of our D/s (and our love)? That is daily life and all the little things that make us who and what we are.


D/s is fixing Sir’s coffee twice a day.

D/s is Sir kissing & fixing my necklace, so that I can make a wish.

D/s is Sir making breakfast every morning.

D/s is rope on my leg, even when we are rushed.

D/s is tasks every day, to keep me mindful.

D/s is a quick look, word, or touch – reaffirming who is in control.

D/s is a stolen spank, just because.

D/s is a sneaky choke at Easter, distracting from family.

D/s is sitting on the floor, resting my head on His leg.

D/s is Sir brushing my hair, then holding it in a tight ponytail while we laugh at the television.

D/s is being sent off to the bath while Sir does the dishes.

D/s is me cleaning the house with a happy heart.

D/s is making good choices, even when it’s hard.

D/s is listening, on both sides.

D/s is parenting together, because Mom is just as important as sub.

D/s is date night with cuffs on – just, yes!

D/s is humble. Humble mind, humble heart, humble body

D/s is putting the other one first. Always.

D/s is mutual respect. The best bosses respect those under them and my Sir is the best.

D/s is ‘yes, Sir’…or ‘no, Sir’… but always ‘Sir’, everywhere, all of the time.

D/s is trust; without it, nothing works.

D/s is laughter. SO much laughter!

D/s is getting the water cups ready before bed, no matter what.

D/s is life. Everything about this life of mine screams D/s.

D/s is love. Love is found in the little things, and the little things are what make our D/s dynamic so huge and all-encompassing.


“Another day of breathing, waking next to you
The world could end and I’d be alright where I am
To paint the world a little more blue and show you how
As the distant morning shines through me
You’ll never have to go it alone”
                           -Strung Out, Go it Alone



everything is His


Don’t you have eyes?!

Yes I do, they are beautiful…

[I don’t remember exactly what was said in between here…a what? from me. He said something about looking up at him…]

…they are in your head.

These are my eyes.

No, those are MY eyes. I own them.

Yes, Sir.