Objectify Me

A friend of mine posted a link on facebook to some blog about the Blurred Lines song by Robin Thicke and how it is horrible, it objectifies women, feminists hate it, on and on. Sigh.

I enjoy the song-
I enjoy the music.
I enjoy the lyrics.

How ’bout this: I enjoy being objectified. You heard me. I like it, it gets me hot, it boosts my sometimes lacking self-esteem. Of course there is a time and place for everything, but this song’s setting is in the club, not church, not the grocery market, not school – but the club. I’ve been clubbing plenty of times – objectification is the name of the game. How do I know? Why else would anyone wear a skirt that barely covers their ass with heels 6″ high? It’s not to look smart, that’s for certain…it’s to look fuckable. And if you are looking like sex on legs, you’ll be seen as a sex object. Mission accomplished! Embrace it!

I get so tired of some feminists taking the ‘feminine’ out of everything. It is okay to be a girl and it is okay to be a girl that wants to fuck. It is okay to embrace that side of yourself. Being seen as a sexual creature should not make you feel lesser, it should make you feel desirable, and hot. So go ahead…

Objectify me.

As an aside… Unwelcome attention from anyone should be shut down immediately. I’m not condoning any sort of physical or verbal assault. If that is the case, the dude’s an asshat and should be handled as such. 🙂

Have a happy weekend, everyone. I’m patiently awaiting Elle’s Friday post!