sticky words v.2

He bends me over the bed and spanks me with the metal loop. The pain from this is sting-y and thuddy and radiates from the point of impact to my pussy, to my brain. It is so good, but also so much, and I cry out. No. Stop. I can’t take it.

Sir doesn’t stop, He reminds me that I am taking it and to let go. Ride it. I do. He continues for a while,  but this toy he’s made is some vicious so He stops before I’m ready (or is it long after I’ve had too much?).

I cannot remember if His leash is on me this night, but no matter… He leads me to the rug at the foot of the bed and orders ‘floor’. I assume the position and He begins a new set of blows to my heated bottom. I also don’t recall which instrument He uses here… The cane? The cat o’nine? Flogger? Whip? I was pretty far gone, one moment blurring to the next. The blows stop and He commands ‘humble’. I comply but Sir wants an overarched humble… Putting all of me on display. No hiding the goods in that position! I swallow my embarrassment and He does things with His mouth that about send me over. Before I do, He comments on how wet I am and takes me hard, not on His knees behind me, but doing deep squats from above. As always, this position feels so primal and urgent and dirty (and noisy). I have orgasm after orgasm… Not worried about the carpet burns that are likely on my face, arms, knees. 

When we finish, Sir helps me into bed, and goes to clean up. When He returns, He bends down and recounts everything that just happened, in great, graphic detail. It’s just as hot as when it happened, and I feel the heavenly pressure building. I try to get Him to stop… Sometimes I get a bit self-conscious about all the weird ways I orgasm… But Sir ups the game, using all the dirty words, demanding that I come. And I do. I orgasm from His words alone. It is so fucking good, Sir’s command of my body amazes me. 

Words have power. Words stick (and make slick and evoke explosive reactions), so be careful what you say.


Happy Friday!!! 


Thinking [orgasm] Thursday

The holidays are upon us. In my case, they are trying to beat me down, but I’m a fighter and love buying gifts so I will come out on top!


On that note, and since I’m in a very festive mood, today I’m thinking about orgasms.

I’m pretty sure I have an orgasm addiction.  When I haven’t had one for a bit, I start jonesing for one. Then when I’ve had one, it is never enough, and I have five or six or seven or twelve. No matter how many I’ve had, I want more. Even if I’m sore or tired or out of my mind…I need more!

I don’t just like the actual orgasm, though. I love the buildup almost as much. The slow (or fast) climb, the edge, the maddening command not to release, the tension, the frustration, the command to “come. Now.” I love it all.

I also like the aftershocks…the falling from orgasm, only to crest into the next before the first is finished. I like the ruffled hair, the sweaty skin, the animalistic sounds that escape my lips.
I love how my ass gets numb, how my entire body gets tight and then relaxes. 

That’s not all! I like all sorts of orgasms. Clit-only orgasms are sometimes almost painful in the best possible way. G-spot orgasms are mind-blowing, especially if there is squirting involved. Anal orgasms are always so delicious…and still a bit surprising.  Orgasms from neck/shoulder biting should probably be embarrassing, but I love them anyway. Regular old penetration orgasms, however, are my very favorite!! Go figure… Those are the ones that send my head elsewhere and my body into overdrive, and quickly!

I suppose if you’re going to be addicted to something, orgasms are the way to go! I’m ready for my next fix now…

Happy Holidays! Hope you get everything you want.