thinking [ Sir ] Thursday

There are days that I am overcome with emotion.  The days where Sir cannot get home fast enough.  The days where I am lost by myself, or maybe in myself.  When those days arrive, I am all but powerless to them.  Today is one of those days. So, though this is not a typical Thursday post, it is what I’m thinking about – My Sir, and all that he is and does for me.

He grounds me, yet helps me fly.

He pushes me, yet holds me close.

He guides me, yet lets me wander.

He undoes me, yet keeps me together.

He overwhelms me, yet calms my soul.

He takes my breath away, yet gives me air.

He owns me, yet sets me free.

My Husband, My Love, My Sir…


Happy Thursday!  ~shygirl


Thinking [overwhelmed] Thursday

I am easily overwhelmed. 
I am often overwhelmed.  Sometimes, this feeling comes as a horrible, crushing weight that I cannot get out from under; a weakness that I’m ashamed of and makes me angry.

Other times, this feeling presents itself as moments of pure love.  In those moments, I cannot give enough, I cannot take enough, I cannot do either fast enough.  In those moments, I am overwhelmed with need and desire.  In those moments, I just want to soak up the love but when I do, it is all too much and not enough…my brain cannot keep up. I cannot hold all that emotion and it can be a little scary. 

I begin to drown in the love, in the Dominance. I drown in Him and I want to keep sinking.  Sometimes, I hit that quiet abyss and pray that I can stay there forever.  I marvel at the overwhelming feelings that hold me down yet lift me up.  Tears spill over, breathing is not an option, and time stands still.  I become part of that ocean and then I disperse amongst it.

Of course, I must always gather myself and drift back up… gulping as fast as I can, taking as much as I can.  I want to swallow it all, but a girl’s gotta breathe.  When I break the surface, I am content – knowing that I am loved, hoping that I love enough.  Wanting so much for Him to feel all of this, in His own way.  I hope sometimes He drowns like I do. I hope I overwhelm Him.

Because I know for certain that being overwhelmed can be a strength and a blessing.