just a little rant…

Every time I think… Oh I’ll write something about D/s or fucking or the lovely new paddle I burned for Sir… Some bullshit gets in the way.

Today it is my offspring.
More specifically, a few bad choices by one of my children.
Choices that may impact her for a while to come.

I’m pissed off and frustrated.
I have no friend to talk to anymore.
Oh I had lunch with a friend today, but I wouldn’t talk about this sort of thing with her.
I need a friend with an open mind, that will not judge me or my daughter.
Sir and I have discussed this, but on few occasions, there is nothing like a mother to commiserate with.
Sir is a lot of things, including a great father, but a mother he is not.
I need a mom friend.
One that’s not judge-y.
One that can understand when I say I want to beat my child’s ass, or that I want to run away from being a mom – that I’m just venting, and wouldn’t do those things.
A friend that can give me frank opinions and help me brainstorm ideas.
One that can be pissed off right along with me, but still recognize that my child is a lovely person despite some stupid actions.
A friend that understands the tears of a mother.
Does anyone like that even exist, I wonder?!

This is total crap.
I am so glad it is Friday, though.

Juicier posts coming soon…