the stool

It took all day to come up with something that REALLY reminded me of submission. My head isn’t in a good place with this. But as things do, it came to me when I wasn’t even thinking about it. 

This rickety, old, busted up thing is my favorite. 

It reminds me of the beginning and the end, of love and hurt, of pain and soothing. It reminds me of our old closet and the awakenings that happened there, but also the tears and struggle. It makes me sad to remember, but also happy. 

It is a physical reminder that even when things feel broken and irredeemable, there can still be hope. If it happened once, it can happen again. Good. And bad. 

Trusting, especially when you feel the most alone. Surrendering the fear. Embracing the current.

This is submission.

Happy New Year! 



knot today

Dimly lit room,
Except for the swoosh and drag of the rope.
Sir’s hands grazing my skin.
Working, smoothing, teasing.
Pulling the knots tight –
Tight enough to bite,
A momentary pain.
Quickly dispersing into euphoria.
Whips to my ass with the ends.
Ragged breathing.
Always so in tune here.
He takes care adjusting,
avoiding pressure points.
Binding me to myself,
though bound for His will.
Intricate patterns, tying off…
These ropes,
So brilliantly executed,
Have turned me into a thing of beauty.



And this ring, (that costs more than all three wedding rings combined – I am a casual girl) is now on my right hand. I love it so much – always tied, even when my leg isn’t. And I wanted to share here because, well, you are all I have!