Sir has a few key phrases for me.
Maybe at this point, the words have become mantras, because I carry them around in my heart. I can hear them even when He is not speaking.
There are times when I need them more. Like now.


I am always to be humble. Humble in my pose, humble in my thoughts, humble in my actions, humble with my words.


I think a lot, too much. I am to stop all that and simply obey. That can be difficult, but oh what a load off! Fun fact: I have many articles of clothing from Obey… A secret, fun way to walk around with Our truth on display (also their tagline is “manufacturing dissent”, so that’s great too).


Rise above.
From the beginning, one of my favorites…and the one I struggle with the most. I tend to sink. My elephant brain works against me. But to breathe, I must rise.

So today, I’m going to focus on this:


Yes, I think that’s a pretty good way to start the weekend, to start a new month, to start a new chapter.

I am going to not let the bullshit affect me because I will…


Here’s to a happy, bullshit-free weekend!

Thinking [boxes] Thursday


I would say that makes sense, but here’s the thing:  I kind of like routine.  I do not like monotony – I do like to switch it up, but within the safe confines of my routine. I realize that may sound a little crazy, a little impossible, but that’s how I am most comfortable.  A basic routine… very general… with many variations inside of that big ol’ box of comfort.


Sir, however, keeps me teetering on the edge of my comfort zone.. and often pushes me right on over.  I was recently given a task I thought I would not be able to complete.  I may have cried a little bit and I definitely had a lot of anxiety over it.  In fact, I went so far as to tell Sir I just couldn’t do it.  I was swiftly informed that wasn’t even an option.


He said “Rise my beautiful girl.”  (swoon…)  After words like that, how the hell could I not comply?  And so I did.  I completed the task with red cheeks, shaky hands and more embarrassment than a person should be allowed to feel.  Even more than that, though, I felt pride and relief that I was able to overcome those insecure feelings and just get it done.  I fought through it and I tried my best.  I haven’t gotten any feedback just yet, but I feel pretty good about the job I did.


As Sir keeps pushing me outside my box of safety, the lines blur more and more.  Soon enough, I imagine the box will disappear altogether and then where will my safety lie!?  I actually know that answer: with my Husband!  He has always been my safety and my comfort.  I see now that the box has only served as a place for me to hide and I want it gone.


So, for my Sir, my Husband, who has always been there to push me and to catch me – I am forever indebted!  Truly, I am not the boss (still working on that bracelet) and never want to be again.  He knows what he’s doing.  He knows, better than I, what I need.  Sir brings out the best… the MOST… in me and I will always do my utmost to rise for Him.