I am kneeling on the rug in the bathroom.
My arms held awkwardly to put enough tension on the rope I’m holding.
I can not let it untwist.
I’m fussing a little.
My bones feel every bit of their 38 years tonight.
Sir is in the shower.
I am waiting not so patiently.
I don’t want to disappoint, but lately I feel disappointing.
To everyone.
My head isn’t in the right place.
I’m happy to kneel, despite the pain, and I will not let the rope go.
Still, I’m fussing.
Sir hears my fussing, asks me, so I suck it up.
I am determined to overcome my brain.
The shower shuts off.
I close my eyes and take a deep breath… again… again…
It is working and I focus on the sounds.
The squeegee on the tile, the slide of the towel, the ruffling sound on Sir’s head, finally the open and close of the shower door.
The rope did not untwist!
He tells me I’m a good girl and takes the rope.
He instructs me to crawl to the bed.
I straighten my legs and crawl up the bed.
Hands and knees.
Words and touching and tongue and…
I’m feeling a little tipsy.
Not from alcohol, Sir is making me feel this way, making my head fuzzy.
Words, then I am opening my mouth and He is slipping the rope in.
It’s a bit. And reins. All in one.
Sir pulls the rope taut and it bites into the corners of my mouth.
Across my cheeks.
I’m drooling. Already.
I wonder if the drool will be a turn off, it’s so much, but I have no control.
He slams into me, filling me, pulling on the rope.
Will the rope rub my mouth raw?
Don’t care.
Pounding and pulling.
I’m straining my head against the rope.
I want to feel it all.
Never takes long to get me off.
I’m too fast.
He senses my withholding.
Do it, He demands.
I do.
Over and over.
No more thinking, only feeling.
Feeling used.
Feeling His.
Feeling happy.
Feeling free.
Feeling wrung out.
Feeling perfect.

’twas the start of stellar night…

knot today

Dimly lit room,
Except for the swoosh and drag of the rope.
Sir’s hands grazing my skin.
Working, smoothing, teasing.
Pulling the knots tight –
Tight enough to bite,
A momentary pain.
Quickly dispersing into euphoria.
Whips to my ass with the ends.
Ragged breathing.
Always so in tune here.
He takes care adjusting,
avoiding pressure points.
Binding me to myself,
though bound for His will.
Intricate patterns, tying off…
These ropes,
So brilliantly executed,
Have turned me into a thing of beauty.



And this ring, (that costs more than all three wedding rings combined – I am a casual girl) is now on my right hand. I love it so much – always tied, even when my leg isn’t. And I wanted to share here because, well, you are all I have!



Thinking [sleep] Thursday

Oh come on, I’m not going to talk about the benefits of sleep!  No way!  Today, I’m thinking about the benefits of LESS sleep, of staying up late, and why it makes for happy, connected couples.  Don’t misunderstand:  I LOVE sleep!  I mean, I really love it.  I love getting under my covers, adjusting my head on the pillow just right, relaxing my body and drifting off.  LOVE.  I love sleep almost as much as I love showers and baths, and that should tell you everything.

The past little bit, I’ve been a tad sleep-deprived and, I never thought I’d say it, but I love that deprivation even more!  How is that possible?  What could be better than sleep after a long day?  Oooooh… I think I should make a list!  Surprised? 😉

Things that are better than sleep:

1.  Laughing.  Staying up late, telling dirty jokes, watching silly movies, making silly faces.  Food for the soul, I tell you.

2.  Video games.  Playing video games gives your eyes and hands something to do, your brain is occupied, and your mouth is able to speak freely.  Maybe you prefer cards, or crafts, or doodling…whatever it is you like… distraction is a great way to open up.  Which leads me to…

3.  Conversation.  The conversations had when you ought to be in bed are always some of the best.  The later it gets, the more honest you get, the better your life gets.  Truly.

4.  Dirty texts/photos.  I must say, this is fairly new to me, but it is one of the highlights of my day!  As the night wears on, everything becomes amplified… makes for a very happy girl, with major problems in the pants.

5.  Snuggles.  Sometimes, staying up late means snuggling on the sofa with my Sir while many of the other things mentioned are going on.  Safe and adventurous at the same time… that’s the perfect combination!

6.  Ropes and bars and cuffs, oh my.  Playtime can take a while… just don’t look at a clock!  Worth every single second of sleep sacrificed. (hello, alliteration)

7.  Oh okay… SEX!  That’s right… generally, all of the above lead straight into sex.  I’d rather fuck than sleep any day.  No question. You may have noticed that I put sex last… although it is my very favorite thing to do… it isn’t the most important.  The connections that occur during those late nights are far more important than any dick-in-box games you could come up with.

I implore everyone… as soon as you can… put that early alarm clock out of your mind, forget that you’ve done 5 million things during the day and just stay up late, together, and make it count!

To my Sir. And to number four…
lose sleep