big pimpin…

Back in April, Sir and I wanted a spreader bar, but He wasn’t thrilled with anything we found.  So He made one, then a few more… which led to opening an Etsy shop.  They are pretty badass, if I do say so myself.  Cold, hard, unyielding stainless steel…


Recently we have added what we are calling CandyBars to the shop. 36 inches of stainless steel powder coated in your choice of four colors.

candybars Of course we needed to have one of our own… for market research! Between my two bars, I’m a happy girl. The CandyBar is perhaps my favorite because it is not quite as cold as the uncoated bar. I’m still searching and the the quality ofour bars is far superior to anything we’ve run across.  The cost is fairly competitive considering how expensive stainless steel is. And all of the hardware is stainless… moisture is NOT a problem!

Anyway… ’tis the season of giving and all so I am offering all of my readers 20% off the CandyBars. Follow the link, or click on a picture, and use coupon code 20OFFCANDYBAR (expires 12-08).

Feel free to ask any questions.

Happy December!