some other times…

I like zero tolerance.
I like very little room for error.
I like hard and fast rules.

But other times…
I like a soft place to land.
I like a little space to thrash around.
I like tolerance that is all-encompassing.

I like impact that makes me scream.
I like hair-pulling that makes me cry.
I like words that make me feel less (more) than human.

Other times…
I like the hits a bit lighter, more sensory.
I like soft tickles that send me to sleep.
I like words that comfort and soothe.

I like to handle it all myself.
I like to function in my own way, on my own time.
I like to be a strong girl needing no-one.

Other times…
I like to be taken by the wrist and told exactly what to do.
I like to not have to use my brain at all.
I like to be weak and little and a girl full of need.

I like talking things out.
I like being transparent and open.
I like hiding being out of the question.

Other times…
I like my silence.
I like to stay inside my head.
I like being a bit of a mystery.

I like being His.
I like that He owns me.
I like that this life is Ours.

Other times…
I like being His (even though).
I like that He owns me (despite the chaos I undoubtedly am).
I like that this life is Ours (through thick and thin, because we make it so).