Follow Me

Big thanks to Girl on Fire for her post yesterday, it remindeded me that I needed to look for something in my text history…

Last January was a little crazy, mostly in my head.  I was trying with all my might to begin this D/s.  My Husband, of course, was being methodical and slow in His learning and embracing of the dynamic.  I was desperately wanting to charge full-steam-ahead, but so very scared – it led to many tearful talks, many emails, many texts, many more not-so-tearful talks.  I found hope and promise in the smallest of things, I would latch on to scraps just to have something to build on.

One year ago, on January 14, 2013, my Husband sent me a text that included only the link to these lyrics.  I read it with tears in my eyes, then watched the video, then read the lyrics again (and then a few more times).  In my eyes, that began the transition from Husband to Sir, and even though it was many months before we fully incorporated D/s into the whole of our lives, I view this song as a turning point and it holds a special place in my heart.


Follow Me by Muse

When darkness falls
And surrounds you
When you fall down
When you’re scared
And you’re lost. Be brave
I’m coming to hold you now
When all your strength has gone
And you feel wrong
Like your life has slipped away

Follow me
You can follow me
And I will not desert you now
When your fire’s died out
No one’s there
They have left you for dead

Follow me
You can follow me
I will keep you safe
Follow me
You can follow me
I will protect you

I won’t let them hurt,
they’re hurting you, no
Ooh yeah
When your heart is breaking

You can follow me
You can follow me
I will always keep you safe
Follow me
You can trust in me
I will always protect you, my love
Feel my love
Feel my love