big pimpin…

Back in April, Sir and I¬†wanted a spreader bar, but He wasn’t thrilled with anything we found.¬† So He made one, then a few more… which led to opening an Etsy shop.¬†¬†They are pretty badass, if I do say so myself.¬† Cold, hard, unyielding stainless steel…


Recently we have added what we are calling CandyBars to the shop. 36 inches of stainless steel powder coated in your choice of four colors.

candybars¬†Of course we needed to have one of our own… for market research!¬†Between my two bars, I’m a happy girl. The CandyBar is perhaps my favorite because it is not¬†quite as cold as the uncoated bar. I’m still searching and the the quality ofour bars is far superior to anything we’ve run across.¬† The cost is fairly competitive considering how expensive stainless steel is. And all of the hardware is stainless… moisture is NOT a problem!

Anyway… ’tis the season of giving and all so I am offering all of my readers 20% off the CandyBars. Follow the link, or click on a picture, and use coupon code 20OFFCANDYBAR (expires 12-08).

Feel free to ask any questions.

Happy December!

Thinking [thankful] Thursday

Yes, I’ve done a thankful posts before, but since it’s the beginning of a brand-spanking-new year, I feel like doing another.¬† That, and the fact that lists really tickle my fancy and my Sir is out working, so no tickling from Him just yet.¬†This list will not be ALL that I’m thankful for – I do not have that kind of time! Thursday is winding down and I’ve been thinking about our D/s¬†all day, so I’ll get to it.

Thirteen Things I’m thankful for, D/s style:

1.¬† Obviously, my Sir.¬† My Husband is the bomb dot com, the bee in my bonnet, my alpha wolf, the love of my life… you get the picture.

2.¬† Tasks.¬† I cannot tell you how much those texts telling me what I need to do help me!¬† I love them.¬† Just knowing that my Sir is thinking about me makes me much more mindful of my submission when He isn’t here.

3.¬† Punishment.¬† Did I just say that?!¬† Yes.¬† I do NOT like getting in trouble. I do NOT enjoy the actual punishment.¬† What I do like, though, is that He enforces His rules and is consistent –¬†keeps my head on straight.

4.  Freedom.  Although, at times very difficult, I have never felt so free to be ME Рno hiding, no pretending, just ME. (okay, okay, I still have huge problems in this area, but I am getting better!!)

5.  Sex.  We have always had a lot of good sex, truly, but now it is insanely delicious.

6.¬† Friends.¬†I’ve made a few friends through blogs that make my days brighter.¬† I’m sure you know who you are.

7.¬† Cuffs and Collar.¬† I love them.¬† I’d like to be able to wear them outside of the bedroom, but I think the kids would have questions.¬† Ha!

8.¬† Closeness.¬† I feel so close to my Sir, I feel like we know each other so much better – and we haven’t run away!!

9.  Time Management.  With the lists and my being so excited to see Sir at the end of the day, I usually manage my time much better than in the past.  Not today, but usually.

10.¬† Coffee.¬† I am thankful everyday for coffee, even before D/s, but now I make Sir’s coffee every morning and afternoon when He is home in time.¬† Such a silly little thing but it makes my heart happy to fix His coffee just the way He likes it.

11.¬† Words.¬† I am happy for the words that I am able to write¬†–¬†I took many, many years off from doing any sort of journaling and I’m glad to be back in the habit.¬† Journaling is kind of like free therapy!¬†I am MOST thrilled when I get written words from my Sir in response to something I’ve sent Him.¬† I save every single email.

12.¬† Toys.¬† Yes, I am absolutely giving toys their very own number.¬† Do¬†Sir and I¬†NEED them? Hell no…some of our best playtimes are just the two of us.¬† Are¬†toys fun? Absolutely!¬† Plugs and vibrators and dildos and the crop and clothespins… and the toys on my wishlist… I need a job just to keep up!!

13.¬† Love.¬† We found love long ago, but the D/s has enhanced it, renewed it, put it in the spotlight.¬† My love for Sir radiates from me, I’m amazed that people cannot see it all around me.¬† We ARE love, pure and simple.