more than enough

So it’s Valentine’s Day. Such a silly little day to celebrate, but Sir overdoes every holiday. I think He loves me or something. 😉 
I love Him, too, and I’m not empty handed! I found Him some gifts that are personal and (hopefully) meaningful. 

Presents are fun all around, but mostly I’m just glad that Sir & I have the relationship we do. It is marriage, it is friendship, it is D/s, it is parenting, it is laughter, it is hard work, it is love, it is life…and it is more than enough. 

Baby, I don’t have much

But what we have is more than enough

                -Green Day

Happy Valentine’s Day. This song gets me in the feels. ❤❤❤


Valentine’s Gift

My blog has been quiet for a week, but I sure haven’t been!  This past week held conversations I never thought I would (or COULD) have with my Sir.  Secrets revealed, lines beyond blurred, hidden fantasies brought to light – I completely opened myself up.  Guess what?  My Sir didn’t run, he didn’t judge… HE DIDN’T EVEN BAT AN EYE!  Maybe I never was as good as keeping things under wraps as I thought I was.  I feel… lighter… somehow.  I have been giddy (and so damn frisky) all week!  So giddy, in fact, that I grew some lady balls and made my Sir a Valentine’s gift.

Would you like to know what I made?  Here’s a hint… tripod, camera, editing software, many hours scantily clad.  Yes, you guessed it… photos!  I worked really hard on them, liked them at first, hated them after looking at them for so long, sent them to friends to get an opinion… and decided I may as well give them to Him.  I’ll admit, I did hide my face while He looked at the album and there might have been a bit of nervous laughter and tears, but I did it.  He seemed to like the album very much.  Maybe next time, I will hand them over with a little more confidence.

I’m feeling a little brave, but not sure how long that’ll last.  Until I change my mind, this is me:

Happy belated Valentine’s Day!!
I hope everyone’s week/weekend was as fantastic as mine – communication wins again!

If you want to get your own ball of fun rolling, this questionnaire is pretty entertaining to do with your partner!

~ [not so] shygirl