I want you waiting for me on the bed, naked, when I get out of the shower.

Yes, Sir.

Some days, I wait for Him in humble, other days bent over the bed, or kneeling , or sitting in some silly, cheeky pose. I get to choose, unless He has given me specific directions. Tonight there are none, and I want to see Him when he steps out of the bathroom. I strip and lie down across the width of the bed, on my back, legs together, hands gently resting on my belly. I am relaxed and ready. I wait, my impatient tendencies nowhere in sight.

Sir opens the door, still toweling off. I look up and grin at Him.

There she is.

There are more words, though I cannot recall what they are. His words make me feel warm… safe… happy… wet.

Sir grabs my right leg, pulling it wide, bending it at the knee, foot flat on the bed. He does the same to my left. Then He steps back and looks. At me. I begin to register how open and exposed I am, worried Sir will soon hate all the things I hate if He looks a little too long. Before I can jump off that anxiety cliff, He speaks.

This looks like an ‘M’.

As Sir says this, He traces the ‘m’ of my legs, skipping over the center, where I yearn for his touch. I am mesmerized by His big hand’s gentle touch and only look up as he reaches the foot of my left leg.

Our eyes meet. Without hesitation, Sir growls.

‘M’ for Mine.

I inhale sharply as Sir bends down to to taste, take, claim what is His…..

This is how we are now.
He takes, I give.
He gives, I take.
Sir owns me.
In all ways, in all facets of our lives.
I am His.
And this is how my heart and mind know peace and contentment.